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Monday, June 26, 2017

Hi, I haven’t written for the longest. I have no idea being sad and confused would take up so much of my energy/time. On the other hand, being rock bottom meant that the only way my life could swing was well, back up! The last time I wrote, it was Cocoa’s birthday. I spoke with such blanketed sadness, although it was a thank-you post, my vibe made my gratitude looks... sad. Ah, such was a time everything I touched withered. 

Yes, I do have that power. So do you, if you feel an emotion that intense. Such sombre thoughts, but these are not the reason why I am writing again. July is rollin’ in, and what is a better time then now to start my life afresh right? I am planning out mini personal goals for my month of July. Ironing out a few wrinkles here and there and get my life back.

Also, do you know how difficult it is to play a music instrument and sing at the same time? It is extremely so. To me at the very least! Kudos to all my nightingales.

I will come back with a well thought out goals for July so... till then, peeps!


Love, Crysy.