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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yet another 21st. It's the most happening year of my life, yet! There was no theme for Shawn's, just chillax @ the RWS hotel with gorgeous marble bathroom (and yes bathtub!!). We came to a consensus that at every 21st birthday party, there will be a group of willing people at the disposal of the host! I deployed Hw's friends on my birthday, and is glad to help out at their's!  

Sorry, but shout out the fake thai! Thanks for accompanying me to get the bathbombs and ramen!!!!!! 


so the room was at RWS, not very sure which part because I blindly followed the boys. BUT DAMN DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE BATHROOM, yes ok I did. May I present you the pictorial truth:

Da-damn, and in case you're wondering, yes I made Honwee sit in the model for me because unfortunately for the vainpot in me, Honwee can't take a nice picture of me to save a life, I WILL SHOW YOU WHY... later, or another time. Depending which is more convenient. 

The nice staff actually made Shawn a 'birthday cake' with um, towels. 

Topped with a miniature figurine of a walrus (correct me if I am wrong) and dolphin, that I stuff into Shawn's bag forcing him to take them home the next morning. And also being a honeymoon suite, there were also towels-made swans and elephant.

Which all possibly became one of our dirty towels towards the end of the night. 

The set-up is wayyy to adorable, my heart broke when Zinc messed them up. *teary face* 

Anyway it was preparations, after preparations. Actually, I don't even remember what I did to help. I can only recall eating, taking pictures and ordering Honwee around. Okay, maybe I helped to set up the lighting for the photobooth, get the printed decals on the hotel's mural and sprint to open the door for whoever that came! Still, I can't remember being much of a help.  

That aside, Shawn brought his magical Airfryer (damn badass) and pastries so I self-proclaimed dips on all the good stuff. 

AND my BFF aka girlfriend-sorority-sister came in spite of her coming prelims.  

Lurbe You. 

We had a whale of good time while Shawn pace around the suite, entertaining as many friends as possible. I've made a few new friends here and there, and managed to sit down and converse with Shanzeebo. 

Sorry I can't get the lighting consistency right, it's damn frustrating editing the photos because I am merely a certified vainpot with a DSLR. Only able to produce pretty pictures under great lighting. I'll go learn more. Anyway, I digress!! 

It was a lot more fun when most of the groups left. That meant that we were the only ones around so we rolled around and do our own thing. 

Which was a lot more fun, evidently on my snapchat that night! Or so captured on my phone that night by... I am very unsure who. 

Shanzeebo and I even got some time for a bubble talk with Shawn before we rejoin the male pack. Because you know.... guys usually don't really talk about things, and who actually cares (or kaypoh enough to ask) about our petty female problems. 

Yup, it was one hell of a weekend and now all I have left are the residual pictures of the 21st party. 

In conclusion... 
ITS WAY MORE FUN ATTENDING PARTIES THAN HOSTING ONE!!! Especially so when you're an anointed slaves because that means that you stay the latest and get to fully enjoy and play after everybody leaves. Wooo!!!! 

Okay, I still have a paper coming, so to dreamland I depart! Goodnight. C.t.