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To err,

Monday, October 5, 2015

 I am sorry honey if I overdid it with the filters; but I promised I didn’t try to make your white. This is as brown as you can go.

Caught ‘The Intern’, we loved the film. It was witty, hilarious and tugs you right at your heart strings. I believe you don’t have to be an intern to relate to this movie. It touches quite a bit on several issues that are right on our plates. Feminism, coping with ageing society.. I especially love the part when Anne Hathaway mentioned that girls usually get all the encouragments to be who they want to be and boys are just... boys. It’s not fair for them to struggle in pit to find acceptance and whatnot.

Anyway, haven’t been feeling my best. I think it’s showing in the way I treat myself – binging, lack of self-grooming and poorly allocated shut-eye period. I am struggling. There are many things I regret doing over this weekend, I am just thankful that after all these nonsense... I still have somebody to rely on, things to look forward to and all the right deals.

Have a good one, guys.