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Halloween Horror Night’15

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DID YOU KNOW, there was once I went for a night walk which was a part of this school’s subcomm camp, and for three consecutive months after I lived in constant fear. #fact

I felt that I out-grew that era so when Rai suggested that we go for HHN, I made Honwee plan a big one with all his friends. I am so sorry for those who doesn’t like to cross-friends (?) because it wouldn’t have been very fun if its was just us three. In the end, I felt that we all had fun. Well, except some who prefer not to be exposed to this genre of ‘fun’.

It was an exhausting, but fulfilling day, I think we all can see it from my face here. I am so thankful that most of us made it down despite rushing down from intern/army/whole day of schoooool!!

VERDICT: I loved it. I would definitely go again, the only drawback for HHN is the queue. For the dedicated scare-actors and meticulous props and design, I think it is worth every cent of that $50. I love how the scare-actors are still scaring people while they are in the midst of changing shifts. Can you imagine screaming/scaring people every 10 seconds. Sometimes I really want to hand them a bottle of water and give them a big, big hug for being so tolerant and dedicated to their work.

I had a great night, thanks to the lovely bunch.
Hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did!!