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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today I learnt that some day, somebody is going to notice that I actually put in a lot of effort in the littlest things I do. And when that day it happens, I’ll learn to accept the compliment. Weird fitting room selfie to compensate the grave yard of my unspoken thoughts. 

I initially planned on an entry on LGBT like the one I posted on my dayre but... I realise it is quite stupid to keep harping on somebody’s response. I simply feel that people should be able to do what they want to do so long as they do not harm each other. I am not asking for support, merely hoping people have bigger hearts to permit things that are ‘unnatural’ to them. It takes time, I guess, to accept others. We are too used to rejecting the different one. Which is honestly a mistake that occur all too often.  

Keeping a really positive outlook on life, school and relationships which is doing me a lot of good as of right now. Sometimes all I need to do is shut up. I haven’t read for the longest time ever? Does HR books count because I think I have read a few of them already. I stopped drawing altogether because I thought my drawings are really ugly and couldn’t bring myself to start on anything. I apologise for this barrage of unorganised thought bubbles, I need to strike a better time management. 

Hon wee just told me that we are bring pooch to swim this Sunday (haha cuz I read Jessie’s dayre and xiaobai looks so happy?!?!?!) so yay to that, maybe new bright happy photos coming your way? I can’t wait to meet the hyena girls this Friday to ‘break fast’ at Geylang! I’d post pictures for that too, but it would most probably be blurry and dark. 

c.t. //