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Penultimate MST

Friday, June 5, 2015

(Cocoa is not that bad at modelling eh, just a little stiff!)
Penultimate Mid-Semester Test (MST)? I'd like to think that I've work additionally hard for this year's papers. The relief was tantamount to finishing a National Examination. I don't remember feeling as accomplished as I did when I completed my O levels – Honwee says that it was because I had to give up my social media for MST.

My gibberish and I. I realise that writing in initials really does save a lot of time, especially for those papers that are 100% memory work. Thanks to whoever who taught me that. And cheers to lecturers who give out hints for upcoming papers.

Oh and I never really noticed how my flooring are actually lilac marble prints. So, so pretty (after many, many years...)! Will keep this space updated. Till then, be kind to yourself. c.t.