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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today I learned that not everybody is going to love your annoying quirks. ‘Quirk’ might sound like a cheeky yet charming trait, but really there is more to those five-letters word. I can be really annoying, but that is how I am and how I love. The more I love you, the more annoying and sarcastic I am towards you. I’ve come to realise that a healthy friendship should not live on a mountain of tolerance but love. And if there is a part of me that you dislike then naturally our friendship can only maintain on a superficial level. I can never be real and intimate with you without annoying/hurting you. That’s the truth; and that’s okay. I honestly feel that to stop hurting you and worsening the friendship, I’ll have to let go of the title of your 'best friend'. There is so much tolerating going on and I am extremely affected whenever you are not happy with me over something I did. Tonight I put whatever we had to sleep but know that I will still love and care for you like I do for any other friend.

Note to self: tone down and don’t hurt anyone else!

Ok no more sad entries, I promise!!
c.t. //