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Dying trade

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blogging is dying trade, the only real reason why I am still here is because I have too many unpublished photos and uncensored thoughts. I've never in a million years expected myself to be so busy during the holidays. Whenever I spend time frolicking a wave of guilt would hit me. At the back of my mind, somewhere, some work is left untouched. I am not sure if that is healthy, but I try to achieve a greater flexibility in managing school work and CCA.

Ever so grateful for close friends, puppy and Honwee. I don't know how I manage this insanity myself. On the other hand, the dance team have been extremely kind and tolerant towards me whenever I choose school work over dance. I cannot write a decent entry with my meagre time on the internet. So I will leave you with this.

Somebody precious is going to celebrate her birthday soon, and perhaps then I’ll be able to squeeze in an entry on how I usually make birthday cards?????? R U INT?  AM I LAME? Gon’ do it anyway. Deciding to update my space on a weekly basis with a photo of the week and a little summary. How ‘bout that? Good? Till then, BKTY. c.t.