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I made it!

Monday, May 4, 2015

I WAS OUT WHEN TPDE REVEALED THE AUDITION RESULTS! I made Honwee read it cuz he was there for me when I auditioned. I can't believe it, I spent the whole of yesternight convincing myself that even if I don't make it into TPDE, I can still hop over to O School to continue learning. Never in my life have I wanted something so much, and until today, never was I given what I wanted. 

I am really thankful for those nights H spent with me practising random choreo and pushing me (literally) so that I can stretch better, stretch further. Now H wouldn't stop sheepishly looking over at me and whisper "eh dancer".  I am so happy and thankful I don't even know who to thank?! The seniors? Clarice? Honwee? Minhui? Let me drown in this bliss.

With my new found commitment, I'll be a lot busier setting my priorities right and striking an equal balance between school, family and CCAs – I am in the running club too, LOL HAHA! I am really so happy and thankful that in spite of being covered with injuries I FEEL NO PAIN. Bring it on Honwee, come and rub my orh cheh for me. Give me your best shot! 

Thanks for reading. And sorta being there for me especially if you read yesternight's entry. 
Be kind to yourself. c.t.