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Lady M Confections, Singapore

Sunday, April 12, 2015
So thankful for Saturdays; I love spending time with H (duh). I kept pestering H about going to Lady M because one night I was reading Yang Ting's Dayre, and it made me really hungry!!

Not a really good start to the day because no matter what I put on, I still felt really ugly. One of those days huh. Took me from 10ish A.M. to 3 P.M. before I am willing to leave house (duration includes an one hour nap!) Psssh, it was horrible because H had to sit me down and give me a long, long hug before I stop feeling so messed up. Thank you, Honwee!

The queue at Lady M is actually located at level 2! Level 1 is for their take-aways. Initially I went to queue outside at Level 1, but smartypants H went to check what the queue was for. Remember, eat-in is at level 2.

The queue seems quite terrifying, but if there is only a couple of you, it should be really quick!

Please crown me the Queen of Expressions. 

My overly-exited-about-food date. The lighting makes the food look really good, but also give us exaggerated eye-bags. 


We did not order any drinks because I still have a bottle of Ribena... haha so cheapo I cannotttttttt. 

I am a true blue Singaporean. Speaking of which, at that point of time my phone was about die (17% maybe?) and I left my portable charger at home. Hence I was really whiney throughout the entire trip until I saw an empty socket at Lady M. My face lit up almost immediately. Wait, let me show you. H caught my expression unknowingly. Haha. 

That, my friend, is the Singaporean Cheapo face. 

Honwee smelling his Vanilla Mille Crêpes (we couldn't decide on the pronunciation so H called it Creep, and I call it Creepy – I'll google it later ok, tell you by the end of entry). 

I NEVER KNEW HONWEE LIKED BENEDICT UNTIL TODAY?! Honwee's EC-ers take note, the way to Honwee's heart is coffee bean's egg benedict, because I didn't even know it until today. I've failed. 

I tried Canopy's Egg Benedict once and I hated it. It was my first Egg Benedict, so needless to say I've never ate another benedict since. I gave it a try today after much persuasion on H's side and well, I guess I could get used to it! 

My small appetite led to H finishing 1.5 portion of cake + egg benedict. Overall it cost around $34+++? (1 main, 2 cakes). I am not sure if that is expensive to you, but for a once-in-awhile indulge I think its fine? Might hit up to $50+++ if you have 2 mains instead? Ok wait, this is not a review. 

Ok yup, Honwee is right. It is pronounced as 'creep' or 'crepe'? Ker-rip. krp? 

Thank you for being the photographer of the day!! Your skills are improving tremendously. 


We went to fetch R from the airport at night. Welcome Home Raichu!! May the terror begins *insert devil's emoji

Thank you for your Banana Pocky that you would not stop raving about. 


 P/S: Thank you for fixing my watch Yoko Yeap! :) #nakedgloryforlife