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Truffles Friday!!! (Loading...)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Delicious Duo is going to reunite once more to make Oreo Truffles – will put up the recipe here later on. That's one great thing about MH she can cook anything!! I remember there was once I wanted to bake Rocher Cupcakes for my school mates and asked HW to help me. That was when I just knew MH, so she was not close enough to offer her assistance. And then HW and I made a mess in her kitchen, it was so bad she could not take it any longer and came in to help despite saying "I am not going to help ok" initially. My culinary skills is so bad I think most mothers will tell their son to dump me and get on with life. Thankful for Mama Koh, she simply laughs it off.

Yay so, that's tomorrow and I cannot wait! Thank for accommodating Minz, you know I love you.