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Thursday, April 9, 2015
YAY, after so much work, the blog template is finally done!! I have had a tough time sorting out the  codes. And since I did not use the default blogger layout, it was even tougher! (pouts) Nonetheless, very proud of myself. I don't know where I learnt all these but I guess codes are easier to read when its manually done by an ordinary somebody (i.e. not a professional) I've since switched my wordpress account to a private blog – chatter box needs a place to chatter. So this blog is currently my  o n l y  blog. :)

Picked up my camera today and have been practising my shots. I've learnt a thing or two from H's uncle the other day at the BBQ. *eternally grateful* HOPE YOU LIKE MY TEMPLATE AS MUCH AS I DO, and thank you Kaixian for your input on dayre (if you ever read this place, that is)! 

Have a nice day, be kind to yourself! c.t.