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Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen

Monday, March 30, 2015


I read Ladyironchef's review recently and decided to meet Maybeline over the quaint little café to catch up! Very thankful for her willingness to explore new (remote) places with me although I am eating (pun unintended) into her time for revision/homework. We spent a lot more time conversing than taking pictures so I only managed to grab a few pictures of the food/decor.


M did her research, thus, it did not take us too long to navigate our way there. It is quite hard to miss Infinite Studio – the black matte building stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of the greenery. And because it is located at such a remote area, the vibe of the place was really relaxed and chill. In spite of the distance, I might want to come back here to do my revision in the near future. #betterthanlibrary #gotfoodsomemore #givemethatbuttermilkwafflesanytime

I applaud the level of hospitality provided upon arrival and departure; the cashiers have their A-game smiles going on. Not forgetting the remarkable poker faces when M and I were trying to get the right picture for our instagram post. Imagine the two of us standing around the table attempting to take a flat lay. #nonjudgy #ilike

Anyhow, we had their pastas (I know right... who eats pastas at brunch cafés ) after deciding that we aren't adventurous or hungry enough to consume anything else. I had aglio olio, and to be brutally honest I prefer Pepperlunch's beef aglio olio a lot more. I guess their pastas are mediocre? But I will return again to try something else. Maybe their waffles or their signature pau sliders. Then, I'll update this space for my five cent's worth. Their brews are really worth it though!



If not for their food, I will definitely drag H back again for ambience. The brightly lit space serves a good environment to foster heart-to-heart conversations (i.e. very nice place to chill la). I guess H will be more than willing to travel here because I heard that their waffles are not bad, and H LOVESSSSS WAFFLES. Actually he loves all sorts of food in general. Maybe he can one day be a food guru.

Oh yes, did I also mentioned that it is relatively affordable to dine over at Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen. M and I paid approximately $20 each for both the drink AND the main dish. I guess it is a good place to go if you don't want to burn your pocket like I did last week at W.Y.

21 media circle
#01-05 Infinite Studios
S (138562)

Nearest MRT – One North Station
Take exit B, walk to bus stop along Portsdown Road (Bus-stop ID 18151) – it is the bus stop opposite the road. Alight 4 stops later or when you see the giant black building.

Operating Hours: 
Monday: 9am - 6pm.
Tuesday: 9am - 4pm.
Wednesday - Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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Thank you for the company despite your busy, busy schedule. I really do appreciate it. See you during June, my precious hardworking little girl.