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Monday, January 12, 2015

I actually wrote a personal entry about what is happening in my life, but upon much consideration, I decided it is best just kept between Honwee and I. 1) You are truly only here for entertainment and I do not wish to dampen your mood 2) you are not up for it, you are not ready for the truth 3) you do not, and will not understand the situation I am in, its very easy to say "oh... like that only" and "I also what, but I...." 4) I do not want your pity

I am glad that after several months of struggle, I am in a better position now. I stopped letting bad things happen and I stopped thinking about bad things but focus only on what I want. Thoughts become things. I am aware, and I am very thankful for Honwee's zeal, curiosity and faith in the littlest things. If not for you, we would not have even read the book I bought you. The book is life changing, it is still re-adjusting me as I speak. The secret is the truth, and there will not be any without you.