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Friday, January 2, 2015
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29th DecemberI went to Adventure Cove with M, H and their cousins. Honwee and Minhui are the people I love hanging out with The MOST. So grateful to be able to slip into Koh's family and mingle around, feels like I am given another chance to experience how having a family would be like. I love, love Honwee's sister and I wish someday, somebody would love her like I do. That would be nice. It doesn't have to be soon, but it has to be golden. I felt that I come to know many of cousins for the first time again (because this time annoyingmungo cannot disturb H and I and make it awkward for us to interact with his other cousins), and I like them all. It felt right to be just me because they laughed so hard at my silly jokes. They made it alright to goof around with M and H.



30th December
Since our camping trip failed us, terribly I might add, we set ourselves up for a staycation at Studio M. We were surprise to find out truly how small 22 sqm is. Nonetheless, it was great. We swam, watched movies and ate lots and lots of midnight snacks. We could barely stay up / wake up because sleeping in their queen size bed felt so good.



31st December
Idle kids at their most candid moment. Maybe except George, he seemed photo-ready. Spent a good amount of time idling around, Shannon shared with me her JC experience, how it was to feel disappointed in yourself. I liked it. She was very human about it and very relatable in every sense. I ruined quite a fair bit of 2015 for them I guess because I had to throw up quite badly from squeezing through the mad crowd. I remember running to the toilet when everybody was going "10...9...8" I saw the fireworks for a fair bit while running to the toilet, so I guess its safe to say that I didn't spent my first few moments of 2015 in the toilet. The next day when everybody sung their hearts out at TH, I snoozed it off. I have weird genre preferences and sometimes only H would sing those songs with me.

Fresh year, new beginnings. As much as I like to start anew, there are a few lessons that I think will be relatable for a few of you. So there are 5 things I learnt in 2014.

  1. There are many, many ways to success.

  2. Be 'two-faced'. I know, I know. It sounds bad but admit it, most people loves a 'two-faced' person despite how much they claim they hate it. There are just too much drama to deal with being a real, honest person and some people are just not worth the real deal.

  3. When you said you are going to cut somebody out of your life. Cut. Them. Out. No matter how sweet and forgivable they sound, remember the best food gives you the most calories.

  4. Some times, all you need is time and a little slogging to pull through everything.

  5. Do not tell people everything about yourself. Books do not put their content on the cover.

That is all! H and I did a 'How well do we know each other challenge' and that would be out..... soon!