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Welcome to Taiwan (day 2 - 4)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Continuing from day 1, we went to Leofoo village. It is like USS in Singapore, but bigger? AND  F U R T H E R?! Initially our plan was to wake up really early and take public transport there which will take up to... 2 hours? Interestingly, when we were waiting for the bus, this driver, with a mini van, came over to us and offer to take us to the theme park within an hour for a price, he even had the tickets to the theme park. We initially doubted the driver and said "if anything fishy, we just beat him and run" in English.... er, haha turns out he was a genuine driver out to earn some money. I guess Taiwan is quite safe?

The first thing we went to do was to take the craziest ride in the theme park. I luuuurveeeee crazy rides, perks with traveling with friends! OHHHHHH and the crazy ass ride we took, Screaming Condor, trended on twitter recently?!

Screenshot 2014-11-18 15.05.44

I did not take any pictures or videos there because most of the time we were on one of their rides, but here is one funny one (of Screaming Condor) from YT!


The theme park has an area dedicated to animals, its like zoo and USS combined.

IMG_1010  IMG_1013
IMG_1014  IMG_1012

The parrots came to pose for the camera, I am not even kidding!!

 IMG_1015 IMG_1016

IMG_1017IMG_1020IMG_1022 IMG_1021   


And then we called the driver and he dropped us at some night market... again. Taiwan is all about night market laaaaaa.

IMG_1033 IMG_1032
IMG_1031 IMG_1030

Later in the night we went down to town for their night club, but they are extremely strict on entry? Foreigners MUST have passports before they can enter?! We left, disappointed and for some of us, drunk.



On the third day WE CYCLE ALL THE WAY TO BEITOU............ on the MRT it takes around 30 minutes? BUT when you cycle, it takes a few hours!! I strongly believe I died that day, my butt hurts really bad, I remember sniffing while cycling to return the bicycle. IMG_1045

EVERYBODY DAMN STEP, buy the shades from day 1 just to wear it on this day!!  We cycled to Beitou for the hot springs then returned our bikes - which took up the entire day already! At night, we rested and went back to try our luck at the night club, with our passports of course, and then.... THE POLICE RAIDS THE PLACE. From 2am-3am we did nothing but watch the police check everybody's I/C? We concluded that we did not like the place that much and left around 4am.

With sore legs and achy buttocks, we went to climb one of the mountains at YMS?!?!?!?! I am talking about steep rocks and ropes shit. OMG, people climb that shit with proper equipments, like this long stick thing which they 'stab' the mountain so as to get a better grip? Some of them came up and when they saw me there were like o____o, cuz all I had was t-shirt, FBT and my netburner. And also because I am a young (almost bimbotic) girl. The peak however, was.... so breathtaking, we couldn't stop taking pictures.

IMG_1121 IMG_1117 IMG_1116 IMG_1111 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1083 IMG_1077 IMG_1075 IMG_1051

When we came down the mountain, another painstaking 1-2 hours, the skies were already dark. We saw a entire kingdom of fireflies, I slightly sprained my ankle and..... exhausted to the bones. Sunday night H and I had to rush back to the hostel because I needed to be at the airport at around 1-2am to take my flight back.

Monday Morning (0200AM)
IT WAS MY FIRST SOLO FLIGHT EVER!?  I love the solo flight experience, and I feel that it should be on a stand alone entry itself! SOOOOOO, I shall reserve it for next time.

Monday Morning (0900AM) 
My beloved daddy came and fetch me from my flight, sent me to school and send me back home again. Thanks daddy! Went straight  to class, although I am already an hour late. And in my school, when you are late, you are better off not attending, BUT GUESS WHAT, I was present, and on time on my attendance record. I want to hug the teacher so bad.