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Sunday, November 16, 2014
(no visuals, quite boring la actually)

I want to lead a healthy lifestyle. *awkward silence* aiya, but if you really know me, you know that is extremely challenging. I eat a lot of rubbish everyday, especially McDonald's?! H pampers me a lot so he always get me McD's and Burg K even though I get really sick after some time. Let's just say, he never, ever force me to do anything that I do not wish to, even if its for my own good.

  1. Sleeping Early. 

    Recently I have been trying to get to bed early, because 1) H is in the army, meaning he sleeps and gets up really early 2) H is not getting enough time to spend with his family as he usually wait for me to go to bed before going home 3) it is just healthy lor.

    So... I am quite proud of myself when I woke up at 7+ am today, without an alarm. Now Honwee gets to take a bus home and see his parents while they are awake. I am a lot more energetic and productive, not sure if its a psychology thing, but I am loving it.

  2. Eating Right.

    The next step, very naturally, should be eating the right food. More greens for me?! This is admittedly extremely tough b'cuz I never liked greens. BUT I WILL TRY. I will. I am going to be more willing to try out food from today on (no H this is not your cue to put everything into my mouth). More greens, more fruits! Less McD's - maybe I'll cut it down to... ONCE per week! We are going for progressive ok, I am not God, I am just a junk food addict.

  3. Getting Active   

    Yay to my favourite part of being healthy!!! I love playing sports, albeit not being very good at any. I kept asking H to play frisbee with me, but he was quite reluctant to, until his dad told him to get a frisbee to play with me (yay three cheers to daddy koh). ANDDDDD, I always play basketball with H so I told him to try out netball with me, YES LA WALAO GUYS DO PLAY NETBALL YOU WELL'S FROG.

    I am going back to my running routine, (sian starting all over agn cuz I stopped) and hoping to get back in shape! Although I was never really out of shape, but I know this god-given metabolism rate will very soon run out, I might as well rely on myself from now on!

These are the three main areas I will focus on, IF I STOP HALFWAY SOMEBODY (girl pls) PLS KICK ME IN MY BOOBS! >( I am going to bed now, exceptionally late tonight, but I'll go back to sleeping early when my week starts.