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Goodness in you

Saturday, November 8, 2014
I told you what I hate about you tonight, and it is fair that I tell you the best thing about you.

  1. You are a truly confident person... when you are doing your work at least. I loved that the best, I like it when people know what they are actually doing.

  2. When you are happy, you are extremely adorable. When your voice goes into that little lamb pitch that I love, asking me what I want to eat for lunch, that's the cutest.

  3. When you help me out with things when you feel that I am super duper slow. I feel very useless whenever you do that, but I know you do that out of love.

  4. When you get excited about handmade cards.

  5. When I thought you'd abandon me for a better choice of group and you didn't.

  6. When you made me that little bookmark thingy without knowing that I already have many.

  7. When you let me boast about how good Honwee is.

  8. When you address my boyfriend by his name.

  9. When you actually ask me about being together with Honwee. People like to ask superficial questions, but you would ask me "how is army life for him" etc.

  10. When you ask me to write your name on your textbooks because you like my handwriting better.

  11. When we always clash due to our different opinions, and we do not let it evolve into an endless argument

  12. When we settled our differences.

I feel that I have a lot more to say, but dwelling... dwelling makes me sad.
Maybe we were not even supposed to be this close to each other? I am not very sure. One thing I am very certain about: we can no longer live like that, this is not healthy. I still hope to be a good friend, till we see again.