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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
(no visuals, ok maybe 1 okok 2 visuals only)

Our legendary steak day finally coincide with the weekends! It was actually just out usual hang-out... that fatty made it sound like he made something special for me so I was quite disappointed initially. It turned out good in the end. It comes down to the person you spend the time with, I guess.

H brought me to outback steakhouse, and to be frank, I did not really enjoy their food. I do not think that it's their chef or their quality of food, it is more like..... my weird tastebuds? I have never enjoyed cafes, and atas food.  I do not get egg benedicts? It taste so bad to me. Bring me half boil eggs ANYDAY... or kway tiao, or cai fan, or fish & chips?! BUT BUT BUT, I really liked their appetiser though, it was uhm... bread and butter.


When they served this, I looked at H and telepathically told him "WTF?!" He tried a small piece of it (cuz he friggin adventurous) and told me to just give it a try. I remember going, "but it looks so tough?" Thankfully I tried it because I finished my share. It is the kind of food you would not mind having for the rest of your life.

The level of service was so good I wanted to tip the waiter, but I had zero cash. *poker face

H was goofing around and there was a point of time where we laughed, stopped, look at each other and laughed again. This went on for awhile and it made me really happy. I remember taking the train back home, (hated taking the trains, but H gets really sleepy whenever he takes the bus)  and we were just looking at each other, almost kissing, like we just got together. It was an intimate moment and I could not care less if people wanted to stomp us for putting our face so close together while in public.


1 year and 5 months into the relationship, all that I feared about starting over in a relationship was proof to be just fears and nothing else. KISS YOUR CHEEKS TOMORROW IF YOU STAY OUT, if not you wait until Friday lor.