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Facial Mask

Friday, October 3, 2014


I feel that this entry is for girls? You can read on if you are curious!

I am suddenly so concern (and amazed - explain later) with my skin? I always thought masks are a waste of time and bimbos probably buy them to spend money on something they don't even see results in. I hardly ever take care of my skin, I know I may sound like I am bragging but I am not. I'm terrible with routines and sometimes I get too lazy to even brush my hair... or my teeth. My hygiene is definitely questionable. (It's okay, Honwee knows me by the back of his hand...) I am extremely amazed by how well my skin cope with my certified laziness? Well.. considering the fact that I probably only get pimples when aunt flo comes to visit.

Not that I am promoting any mask.... I bought a few from a regular store after Rachel helped me analyse a few important points. I guess I am merely fascinated by the human body....? Does this even make sense to you?  Oh and one tip that Rachel shared with me regarding mask: Never ever buy one of every different type of mask to go home and try. Buy at least 2 and use them consecutively to see any effect at all.

I tell you how I feel after I use them okay? Although my opinions are most probably subjective. "wahhhh, after the mask I feel my skin smooth smooth, like baby Ashley"

ON THE SIDE NOTE, I am going to meet baby Ash tomorrow! *insert infinite kisses*