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Divers' Night (pt2)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Checked in, with H, to the hotel where the event is going to be held at and put down our things. Being the scardey cat I am... we knocked the door three times, ask to be excused, flushed the toilet bowl and open the curtains wide before settling down. What to do, better safe than sorry.

I hanged my dress, ironed his shirt (wife already) and jumped around in bed. I LOVE HOTEL BEDS. We rolled around in bed and watch 'Tom and Jerry' while waiting for his buddy to join us.. with McDonald's. I thought it was quite despicable of us to make him buy the McDonald's up while we enjoy the air condition and whatnot, oh well.


I didn't take OOTDs for the night, actually I only took 1 group photo? Anyhow, that was what I wore, white dress with crazy bareback. A lot of girls wore maxi dresses, long and elegant. Everybody looked beautiful that night?


My best buddies for the night.


SOMEHOW, I DON'T KNOW WHY, DIVERS ARE SUPPOSE TO 'KNOW' HOW TO DRINK. So everybody drank, in push-up position, as punishment and when mingling. The boys were made to drink over and over again. Initially the sirs made them drink was because there was too much beer, and I guess a lot of guys weren't touching the beers to impress their dates? After a few rounds the boys were drinking like its coke.




And so, it was a drink, drank, drunk night for some of the boys. I heard the tables near the sirs had to drink over 10 cups of beer. Everybody was uttering hilarious nonsense towards the end of the night. It was quite entertaining?!?! H didn't get drunk, he only had 4-5 cups. The furthest he went was feeling light-headed and it was quite exciting for him already.

OH AND I was sabo-ed on stage, with a few girls as my 'competitors', to drink?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? If you know me, my tolerance for alcohol is ZERO. That thing is poison to me. I was still telling H and my bff-for-the-night that if I was 'forced' to drink, I'd cry. I hate the taste and one sip of that shit I'm telling you my pin to my atm card. H tried to rescue me by telling the host he would drink 2 cups in my place, but one of the 'contestant' took it as a challenge, grabbed the mic and said "ok so for every cup the girls drink, their dates drink 2". I almost pushed that girl off the stage. I swear.

Then I learned that some of the girls were drinkers and they assumed that everybody can drink. So..... oh well. I had a sip and quickly escaped the limelight.


It ended alright, and I was happy because I get to hug H to sleep that night. We adopted a lost sheep who just ended his session at zouk (which was suppose to be the after party, but H's buddy K.O. from beer and my bff-for-the-night couldn't stay so...... H and I are still club virgins) and we all woke up to call for McDonald's delivery.

The guys left early the next day which gave H and I some time in the hotel room to....


we probably took 100 over pictures that morning because the lighting was damn good and turns out that I forgot to wipe out my polaroid that night.




IMG_0889 IMG_0909 IMG_0908 IMG_0892 IMG_0890 IMG_0891

Normally the girls would talk about how thankful they are for their bfs/dates to ask them out for such an amazing night, and how they didn't know how much suffering their bf/dates have gone through etcetera, but like Julian said "who else can he bring?" AND I ALWAYS LISTEN WHEN H TELLS ME ABT ARMY, so I know most of the shit he does. #girlfriendoftheyear

It was easily one of the best nights I have with H and I know that he had fun too. I guess that is what matters the most. Hooya.