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Divers' Night (pt1)

Friday, October 10, 2014
(29 Sept, 12 days before) Honwee is graduating as a diver in two weeks time, and after the spectacular underwater graduation there is a.... divers' night (kinda like social night, I guess)? Poor boy didn't even get to asked. The moment he said "I think there might be a chance that there is an event called 'social night'...", I replied "wah, what kind of dress should I get for the night ah?" Shameless level: Crystal Anyhow, I ALREADY got my dress. And all I can pretty much do now is to find a matching clutch and flats - sucks when you're too tall. IF YOU ASK ME, it is actually extremely nerve-wrecking. I know Honwee loves me with every fibre in his body but I am just afraid that I will disappoint him in anyway during the night itself. *inserts infinity sobbing faces*

(3rd Oct, 1 week before)  I picked out a present for Honwee!! He doesn't even know that I will be preparing him a gift. I realised that nobody (girls) actually prepare their dates anything, it has always been about the boys buying flowers, fetching their dates in limo yada, yada. I kind of hate this idea? So, I thought I should make this graduation about him, it IS about him what right?


Long story short, I got him a watch for the night (after consulting my bff aka watch-guru)... and probably for the rest of his life because I have no more money left to buy him new pretty watches, in fact I have no more money to buy him anything at all. I am quite excited to see his face on the 9th, I hope he likes it... I love how getting presents for Honwee can be so thrilling. It's a feeling I've never experienced before? I always thought buying something for someone meant having lesser for yourself, but the image of H's smile... just take my money la. (6th Oct, 4 days before)  I am so excited!! Over the weekend I met a few of HW's hilarious friends over basketball, HW and I booked a hotel room together with Melvin and Charmaine (HW's bunk mate and his bff) and I tried my hardest to keep his present a secret. I also drafted a card for him the previous week and I decided to watercolour them to live today!







I love how the card turned out, although I had a lousy time trying to get my shaky hands to work the magic of water colours. I guess I upped my game! Honwee is the only bf that loves my cards? I guess he'd frame them in the museum if he could, although frankly speaking I know its not that great. I can't wait for Thursday although technically I still have a lot things I've yet to do.

(9th Oct, 1 day before) I didn't update much because a family member got into a car accident so I spent a quite a bit of time at the hospital *insert sad face*. Anyhow, today is the graduation ceremony. I think it was amazing, Honwee had fun, I saw his signature colgate smile at least 100 times tonight.







It was a great night. CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW LIAO.