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Monday, September 15, 2014
Photo Sep 14, 10 21 21 PM Weeks ago a group of friends planned a gathering on the 20th, and I didn't dare to ink in my scheduler. Some part of me already knew that in the end nobody would turn up. "don't need a big group to make it happen", I don't get how people always assume that a gathering is cancelled because there are only a few people attending, it was never about the big groups? It is about people setting time aside for YOU, and YOU decide that some thing else is more important.  I think it is rude because you simply have zero respect for people's time.

One of the reasons why I appreciate Honwee is because he told me, "there is no such thing as no time. If you care, you MAKE time". He never went back on his words. When I was studying for O levels, my ex-boyfriend was trying his hardest to get me back. However, when he got into poly, he stopped replying to texts and doesn't have any time to even have a meal with me. His excuse? "Can you please understand, I have school from Mon-Fri, Saturday I have to work and Sunday is meant for family" (exact fucking line) YUP he got a new gf shortly after, and since we weren't together, it was none of my business. Can you imagine all those times I studied alone and waiting on him to text me / ask me out? Guess he better managed his time by ogling at other girls while he tell me "I really cannot live without you". No, I don't hate you because you were one of the reasons why I study alone at McDonald's everyday which ultimately lead me to the love of my life, but you are still an asshole. And I still hope you will fall into poo.

I hate people who waste my time.
If you waste my time, consider yourself out of my life.