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Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Photo Aug 29, 7 52 46 PMPhoto Aug 29, 7 51 48 PM


It was magical, I felt as though I walked into one of my dreams. I watched a little girl dance with the lights and had the bestttt beef wrap ever? The band was playing songs from my childhood and it was easily one of the best night I've had. Hands down.

And then it rained. 
To be more precise, it poured

Bf grabbed me and ran to the nearest shelter, and by then we were already soaked from head to toe. It was less than an hour and all that I was left with are these pictures I captured while waiting for Honwee to return with the BEST beef wrap ever. 

Nonetheless, I had fun.

Is it greedy if I tell you I crave for more nights like these? Honwee and I are best friends and lovers. Sometimes more best friends than couple, vice versa. However, that night everything seems to balance. BTW, we are going to do a couple tag this weekend, I'd ask you to suggest a few questions but I know my stalkers are shy people. 

One more thing, 
baby Ashley is coming in this September. I can't wait for my bundle of joy.