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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
If you do not have much time to waste, click on 'blog' on the sidebar to proceed with the latest entries. However if you DO have time to kill... My name is Crystal, mommy told me I was either going to be Crystal or Jasmine. I really liked 'Jasmine', but I don't think I can pull it off because I am not always sweet. My parents divorced when I was REALLY young (nope, not a sob story), years gone by and my father re-married so now I have a precious little sister named Ashley. I love Ashley to bits.

I also own a Shih Tzu named Cocoa (pronounced as 'Coco'). Cuddle puff is really camera-shy, but once or twice I get really good pictures of her. I met Honwee in 2012 and we were best friends ever since, yes we got together a year later, but our friendship never really died. Last but not least, I may (or may not) come off as a feisty individual, but trust me, once we are buddies... U R GNA GROW ABS FROM LAUGHING AT MY INAPPROPRIATE JOKES. Have a great day, my love!