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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
This semester's GPA was so detrimental that it stole my one and only chance of being in NUS. No thanks to my lousy effort, and teachers' "C is very good what!". Fuck you. Nonetheless, I weeped the entire morning. I couldn't stop crying because everything I dreamt of was gone, I had to take that big NUS post-it down my study table because I no longer can tolerate the sight of my failure anymore.  Anyhow, I spent the entire morning searching for a course in NTU (omg Jurong..) that could possibly take this loser's ass for an university experience.

I am sad, but "we don't always get what we want". It's only when you're pushed up against the wall then you can see that... there is always a way out. For some reason I was comforted by the fact that I might still be able to experience uni life. And if I graduate from that ntu, I have a friggin' dip in business and degree in engineering. I'm basically jack of all trades... well, 2 trades.

I guess I'll let future work itself out, and just give my best to school now so that I at least get to go into NTU, regardless of my course. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur anyway. I guess it will take a little longer for to to achieve my life goals.