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Monday, September 8, 2014
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I picked my ass up and grabbed the furball for a thirty minutes slow jog one night because I was in the mood. It was so liberating, I came home wanting to do more. I am not obsessed with being healthy (yet) or skinny. I can still take on a McD's meal ANYTIME of the day. Its just that the act of exercising felt extremely calming, I felt sane. Like I was removing toxins from my body, literally? Cutting down on sugary drinks and doing more grocery shopping, it puts me into a great mood.
I guess we all have to treat ourselves right so our body can recover from the brutality of the accumulated late night's work and exam stress. My only plans for this holiday is relatively simple. Nope, no check-list this time. All I really want to do is read & learn, do my chores, exercise, make food, have fun and spend time with Ashley (yeah, she's coming this Thursday, its a big day).
Oh, and I was doing planks with Honwee the other night and that peacock went into position (he was planking already) without starting the timer and said "when you are ready, we can start". Only proves that Honwee has a better stamina than I do *slight pout*