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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It was gloomy in the comforting kind of way. Like it's okay to not feel great, it is still something worth rejoicing over. I let the house stay in a mess because it's okay. Mess is okay. I tie up my oily hair the entire day, and ate only instant noodles and McD's. Today is my off day, I don't have to go out if I don't want to. I didn't go to school. I didn't even bother looking out of the window.

I just soaked myself head to toe in peace, I left my phone in the room and lay on my belly all day. It was my off day. I cheated a few times by going back to my phone and play my kardashian game. I couldn't make it to the A-list.

And I tried to re-do a few of my assignments before I hand them up tomorrow and get another C in my grade. Funny how I never got a grade below B in year 1 and now I'm receiving it like itcouldbeworst.

Hey, if this is a C work, I think it's pretty neat. Cocoa looks alive, more alive than I would have drawn her a few months ago.

So bottom line is,
I tried my best.

And if my best doesn't amount to anything.
Then I'll try even harder.
Until I die.
Even until then if I still don't achieve anything.
I'd argue with my creator.
I'd ask why he/she made me a loser.
Maybe I'll get an answer and will rest my soul.
Sounds like a plan.
That's if I don't kill myself first tho.