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Saturday, February 8, 2014



I felt that I was in better shape x condition this semester, dealing with the projects and the pressure to perform and keep up with my work. However I'm still pretty thrown off my game this hectic week. I think I got mad at Honwee several times a week (sorry beeb). I'm really thankful that I need not deal with people for the rest of the semester, I'll literally be attending school just for the sake of learning. Honwee is still attempting to get me out and mingle and make new friends, but I guess it wouldn't be too soon cuz I just re-opened some wounds tonight. It's like bumping into your ex after a nasty break-up


Above picture to let you know that I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing
OH WELL, I guess I'm ready for the intense mugging session..... after Chingay tomorrow night (beeb's mum got us a pair of tix!).


More 'step-artsy' pictures x drawings after finals!  
FOR NOW, gong xi fa cai!!